Preeschool & School Aged | 4-12 Years


Our activate program features a unique combination of elements from parkour, gymnastics and crossfit. These classes are designed to build strength, coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. This is a high energy class where children will learn new skills and work through obstacles to challenge their their strength and overall agility. Perfect for a constructive way to expel energy!

Classes are 1 hour long.

Mini Activate

Ages 4-5 years

Tuesday 4:45-5:30pm
Thursday 4:45-5:30pm
Saturday 9:00-9:45am


Activate 1

Ages 6-7 years

Thursday 5:40-6:40pm
Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm
Sunday 10:10-11:10am


Activate 2

Ages 8-9 years

Tuesday 5:40-6:40pm
Thursday 6:45-7:45pm
Saturday 2:30-3:30pm
Sunday 11:15am-12:15pm


Activate 3

Ages 10-12 years

Sunday 11:15am-12:15pm


Monthly Fee


1 hour class/week


Mini Activate, 45 mins/week

Registration is now open!
The 2023-2024 season runs from September 11 – June 16.

There are no group or sibling discounts for any recreational, pre-competitive or competitive classes

Funding is available through KidSport and JumpStart for any of our classes for those that qualify.

A non-refundable $45.36 Manitoba Gymnastics Association (MGA) insurance fee will be charged upon registration, once per year per child. This covers your child from September to August.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding our classes call us at (204) 885-1291


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